Archery Pandas Right On Target!

Congratulations to the Archery Pandas who competed Saturday, November 18 at the Ryle Tournament. The team shot 3104. The Pandas were led by Ava Boertlein at 288 2nd HS Girl with 2 perfect 50’s, Lea Youtsey at 272 10th HS Girl, Sarah Beckham at 271 11th high school girl, Lucy Siegert at 270 11th high … Read more

Archery Pandas Compete at State

Last Friday  the Panda Archery team competed in  the Kentucky  NASP State Tournament in Louisville. The team shot 3130 with 104 tens which was a season high. The Pandas were led by Keira Schneider at 283, Ava Boertlein at 274, Lea Youtsey at 272, Sarah Beckham at 270 and Ellie Puglisi and Reagan Carman each … Read more

Panda Archery News

Last Friday and Saturday the Panda Archers competed in the Mary Queen of Heaven Tournament. The Pandas shot a season high score of 3064 which included  94 tens. The team was led by Ava Boertlein at 282 (3rd Overall Girl), Keira Schneider at 274 (9th Overall Girl), Lucy Siegert at 273 (10th Overall Girl), Lea … Read more

Archery News

The Archery Pandas have competed in two tournaments during the last couple of weeks. On December 16 at the Dixie Tournament the Pandas scored a 2989 which included 84 tens. The team was led by Lea Youtsey at 274(5th 11 grader), Ava Boertlein at 273(2nd 9 grader), Keira Schneider at 266(4th 12 grader), Ellie Puglisi(6th … Read more

Archery Pandas are Right On Target

The Archery Senior and Team  Awards Celebration was held on March 28. Season Highlights included the following: 1. A Team GPA of 3.982. 2. The team competed in 12 tournaments. 3. 24 Panda Archers earned varsity letters or bars. 4. 22 Archers competed in the Kentucky NASP Tournament .  (Pic 1 )-2022/2023 Co Captain Ellie … Read more

Panda Archery News

On February 12, the Archery Pandas competed in the Villa Madonna Academy Tournament. The team shot 2975 which included 79 tens. Megan Paolucci finished 4th in the female division and Morgan Rus sell shot a perfect 50 in a ten meter end. 5 Archers shot a personal season high score – Morgan Paolucci by 8, … Read more