In the 202-23 school year, Notre Dame Academy adopted a new Family System giving students the opportunity to connect with other students across classes and grade levels with whom they may not ordinarily have a chance to interact. The Family System has been well received by students and is helping to create a more inclusive environment, promote the sisterhood of NDA and provide additional leadership opportunities. There are a total of four families within NDA’s new Family System, each including six homerooms with all grade levels represented.

At the beginning of the school year, families were represented by colors – pink, purple, blue and green. Over the course of the first semester, students researched saints and voted on a patron saint to represent each family. During Catholic Schools Week, the patron saints were announced and now those saints represent the names of our school families and serve as inspiration for students.

Pink Family – St. Rose of Lima- She is the patron saint of Latin America and the Philippines. She lived a life of simplicity and dedication to the poor and was known as a woman of integrity. 

Purple Family – St. Hildegard of Bingen- She is the patron saint of writers and musicians and is one of only 4 female doctors of the Church. St. Hildegard was a renaissance woman who was involved in art, science, politics, and was the abbess of her convent.

Blue Family – St. Joan of Arc – She is the patron saint of France and of soldiers.  Joan was not afraid to listen to God’s call to lead the French army when no one else believed in her. She held on firmly to her convictions when the people around her were trying to sway her.

Green Family – St. Gemma Galgani – St. Gemma Galgani is the patron saint of students and against temptations among other things. She experienced many health problems throughout her short life, but remained dedicated to the poor and had many mystical experiences.

Family Litany – NDA’s Campus Minister, Mrs. Bridget Price, wrote a litany including all of the women we call upon to guide us as Pandas. We pray this litany as a school community at liturgies and other gatherings throughout the school year.

Christ, have mercy…Christ, have mercy. 

Lord, have mercy…Lord, have mercy. 

Christ, hear us….Christ, graciously hear us.

Mary, Mother of God… Pray for us. 

Mary, Mother of the World… Pray for us. 

St. Julie Billiart…Pray for us. 

St. Gemma Galgani…Pray for us

St. Rose of Lima… Pray for us

St. Hildegard of Bingen…Pray for us.

St. Joan of Arc…Pray for us. 

All Sisters of Notre Dame… Pray for us.

All holy Men and Women…Pray for us.