Archery News

The Archery Pandas have competed in two tournaments during the last couple of weeks. On December 16 at the Dixie Tournament the Pandas scored a 2989 which included 84 tens. The team was led by Lea Youtsey at 274(5th 11 grader), Ava Boertlein at 273(2nd 9 grader), Keira Schneider at 266(4th 12 grader), Ellie Puglisi(6th 12 grader) and Lucy Seigert(11th 9 grader.) On December 28 at the Covington Catholic Tournament the Pandas scored 2947 which included 68 tens. The team as led by Lea Youtsey at 267(5th 11 grader), Ava Boertlein at 267( 4th 9 grader), Ellie Puglisi at 264(7th 12 grader), Keira Schneider at 260(8th 12 grader) and Morgan Russell at 258(4th 10 grader.) The Pandas have this weekend off and our next tournament will be on January 14 at Villa Madonna. ARCHERY PANDAS ROCK!