Archery Pandas Compete at State

Last Friday  the Panda Archery team competed in  the Kentucky  NASP State Tournament in Louisville. The team shot 3130 with 104 tens which was a season high. The Pandas were led by Keira Schneider at 283, Ava Boertlein at 274, Lea Youtsey at 272, Sarah Beckham at 270 and Ellie Puglisi and Reagan Carman each at 262. Three Pandas shot their season high score: Jade Wachs by 23, Abbey Hollenkamp by 8 and Ivy Mullins by 1. In addition three Pandas tied their season high: Keira,  Reagan  and Sarah. Morgan Russell was 1 off of her season high;  Caitlin Minning and Lea were 2 off of their season high; and Mack Zemter was 3 off of her season high. Next up for the Pandas is the KHSSA Regional Tournament on Thursday at Beechwood.