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Padcaster Studio We are happy to be able to provide the Padcaster Studio. Everything included in the Padcaster Studio Padcaster Tip: How to Use The Mini Teleprompter Attaching the phone to the teleprompter How to Use the Parrot Teleprompter App   Opening and closing portable green/blue screen

Finding and Citing Images

Libguide from Manhattanville College Library Fischer, J. Patrick. “Giant Panda in Ocean Park, Hongkong.”  Wikimedia Commons, 3 Sept. 2009, Accessed 5 Nov. 2019.

Etextbook information

Do you have questions about accessing and using your eTextbook? VITAL SOURCE How to create an account Bookshelf for IOS (iPads) PEARSON Use this App for Pearson Chemistry Allons au-delà Human Body Systems Miller & Levine Biology The sign in is your full NDA email address and your PowerSchool password unless you changed it.   … Read more

Finding Images

How to Find Free Images to Use in Multimedia Projects Reshot – A New Source of Free Images for Multimedia Projects

Sound Effects and Music Sources

Richard Byrne post on Monday, November 5, 2018 Five Places to Find Free Music and Sounds for Multimedia Projects