NDA Student Furthers Success in Riding Career

Alivia Kohus and her horse Carl made their debut in the National Hunter Derby class at the World Equestrian Center recently. The Hunter Derby allows professional, amateur and junior riders to compete together in a format consisting of two rounds over fences that showcases their riding skills as well as the talent of their horse with cash prizes awarded to the top finishers.  Each course offers higher fence options that gives the rider an opportunity to add more points to their score and in the second round they can opt for tighter turns scoring them even higher.  Alivia competed with 39 talented riders and opted for all of the higher fence options and landed in 6th position after round one behind some well known riding professionals. Returning to the second round, Alivia  knew she needed to opt for the more challenging options of the course in order to position herself higher in the placings and moved up to second position until one of the premier professionals returned and ultimately put her in 3rd position. Congratulations Alivia!