NDA Receives Best of Fair at Science and Engineering Fair of Northern Kentucky 

Notre Dame Academy science research students had an outstanding performance at the Science and Engineering Fair of Northern Kentucky (SEFNK) on Saturday, February 22. Under the Direction of Mr. Bill Stamm, Notre Dame Academy received top honors as the Best of Fair high school. Additionally, several NDA students received category and special awards with 13 students qualifying to compete at the Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair in March.

“It is wonderful to see the spirit of innovation continue through our Science Research Program at Notre Dame Academy,” said NDA Principal, Mr. Jack VonHandorf. “We are very proud of our students’ hard work and dedication to their science research projects and encourage their continued interest in the STEM fields.” 

NDA Science Research students won many category and special awards as listed below:

Best of Fair School Award

Molly Kleier
The Magnus Force: The Effects of Turbulence Caused by Stitch Depth and Pattern
1st Place Physics and Astronomy
2nd Place Department of Physics and Geology
Mu Alpha Theta Award
Qualified for State Competition

Katherine Crail & Mary Roebker 
Effects of PAA on the Bacteriophage T4 as a Wastewater Disinfectant
2nd Place Microbiology
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Qualified for State Competition

Caroline Boehmer 
The Effects of Food Types on Methane Production During Anaerobic Composting
1st Place Chemistry
1st Place Department of Chemistry
Qualified for State Competition

Hailey Fullenkamp 
Temperature Effects on the Regeneration of Zebrafish Caudal Fins
Animal Sciences ?
1st Place Department of Biology Science
Thomas More University Scholarship
Qualified for State Competition

Natalie Janzaruk 
How the Density of Liquids in Hydraulic Actuators Affect the Strength of an Armature
1st Place Materials & Bioengineering
2nd place overall Physical Sciences
Thomas More University Scholarship
Qualified for State Competition

Allison Jones and Andrea Marie Zeis
Turbidity of Different Types of Water
1st Place Environmental Sciences
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
US Metric Association
Qualified for State Competition

Leah Kokocinski and Emma Paley
Effects of pH on Lead Testing
2nd Place Chemistry
2nd Place Department of Chemistry 
Qualified for State Competition

Bella Marita 
Managing Algae Growth in a Natural Environment
2nd Place Overall Life Sciences
1st Place Environmental Management
3rd Place Department of Science Biology 
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Toxicology Award 
Qualified for State Competition

Anna Meade 
Hand sanitizer effects on antibiotic treatment of E-Coli bacteria
1st Place Medicine and Health Sciences
Qualified for State Competition

Rachel Panko 
2nd Place Plant Sciences
Qualified for State Competition

Kirsten Spillman 
Using Water as a Coolant to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency
3rd Place Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
1st Place Department of Physics and Geology
Office of Naval Research