Drug Free Club at NDA

The time is NOW sign up for Drug Free Clubs of America (DFCA) – unless a student was  signed up for all 4 years as a Freshman! Parents can complete an online application and obtain more information using the Drug Free Club website, OR through a paper application available in the main school office and the Counselors’ Quad. Members can rely on testing as an “out” for drug-related situation by saying, “I can’t. I might get tested.”

  • We STRONGLY encourage Freshmen to sign up for all 4 years. The cost is $25 per year, but when paying for 3 years for a Freshman, the 4th year, Senior year, is FREE!
  • If signed up by September 27, students are eligible for some Early Bird Prizes!
  • If cost of membership is a concern, please contact Mrs. Hildreth or Mrs. Maggard; scholarships are available.
  • DFCA Membership cards for last year’s members are good until December, and can still be used for rewards at local establishments: Skyline in Fort Wright still offers Buy 1 cheese coney – get one cheese coney FREE; Sub Station II offers a FREE Drink & cookie – limit 1 per day! Bigby Coffee gives $1 off Grande/Super Specialty Beverages! There are more offers on the NDA page of the Drug Free Club website.
  • Congratulations to Gracie Eckerle, who received the Best Spot in the Lot for August! We will be raffling this spot as a reward each month to a different Drug Free Club member who drives to school. The spot is a favorite, because it provides the quickest exit from school at the end of the day!
  • Drug Free Club is happy to randomly reward drug free students with gift cards every week during Homeroom! Today’s rewards – $15 gift cards to Chipotle – go to Senior Emma Scharstein and Junior Sydney McMain! Congratulations, Emma and Sydney, on being Drug Free! We are very proud of you! Keep making good choices!
  • Drug Free Club’s Fact of the Week: Adolescents are more susceptible to becoming addicted. Those who initiate smoking of drug use before age 15  – are 5 times more likely than those who wait until after age 21 to develop drug dependence.