NDA Reflection Series – Week 10

NDA Senior Reflection Series

Week 10 –  Morgan Mueller

It’s different to look back and remember my freshman year at Notre Dame Academy regarding technology. We had not taken on the iPad initiative yet, and I remember vividly having to carry around loads of notebooks and textbooks for each of my classes. Throughout my time at Notre Dame Academy, I’ve been blessed to be able to learn with the technology that this school has provided for me. 

When I was a sophomore, Notre Dame Academy added each student having an iPad as a requirement, and I cannot even imagine learning any other way. The school has nearly perfected the right way of learning for us, which includes sources of research, note taking, and organization. The iPads overall have been a positive influence on my education, and most importantly, have expanded my interests in different fields, and given me the opportunity to research those fields as I please. 

It’s easy to say that each teacher at Notre Dame Academy teaches in different ways, and I believe that our ways of technology have only bettered their techniques, and made it more enjoyable for each student. The technology we have in our school today can apply to visual, audio, and hands on learners, and has made it easier for us to study, and request assistance when needed, whether it’s from a student or teacher. 

Notre Dame Academy has done an excellent job over the past four years of applying technology to our ways of learning in an enjoyable, yet structured way. It has helped me better understand different resources that we have in our growing technology industry today, and helped me apply them to my everyday life. I am so thankful to have been able to learn about the world of technology now, so I can apply it to my adulthood, and hopefully be able to watch it more as it grows.