NDA Senior Reflection Series – Week 7

NDA Senior Reflection Series
Week 7 – Savannah Tucker

As a freshman from a public school, I knew nobody my first day here at NDA. I guess looking back there are a lot of things I did not know. I did not know that I would soon
embark on the journey of a life time, and I most certainly did not know that I would find my place here at Notre Dame among Mac labs, cameras, Apple TVs, iPads and green
screens. At the end of my freshman year, after 9 months of losing papers, not being able to read my own rushed hand writing, and often leaving notebooks at home after all
night study sessions, we learned that we would be launching our 1:1 iPad initiative the following year. I saved up all summer for my new iPad and looked forward to my
sophomore year. The iPads were a huge adjustment however, they were worth it, and they were helpful, and they made quite a difference in my grades as well as many others.

During my junior year, I was lucky enough to be elected SWAT/INTERalliance president. While at the Women in Technology Conference junior year, I made contact with an
INTERalliance representative, and a week later we established NDA as an official INTERalliance chapter. This was a great opportunity for our girls, and hopefully it will continue to be. There were all kinds of new things happening my junior year, SWAT was more established, and we had all kinds of new toys… I mean learning tools. We were still trying to figure a few things out, but things were running smoothly. I presented for the third time at KYSTE, and got some very good advice from many reputable people while in
Louisville. My senior year we had a record number of SWAT members, upward of 40 people at some meetings. We continued to grow and learn and be the best we could be.

As I look forward to losing my grey skirt, escaping the realm of messy buns, and study guides, I look forward to a new experience at the University of Kentucky as a Public
Health and Biology major. I know that no matter where I end up, thanks to Mrs. Mullee, the administrators here at NDA, and many of my teachers, I will never be hindered by
technology. We live in a world that changes every day, and I feel prepared to face any challenge because of my experience here.