Student of the Month – March

Notre Dame’s March Student of the Month is a strong model of a servant leader.  As a sophomore, Madison Jones has dedicated 80 plus hours of her own time to service work.  Madison believes that by serving others, she is providing them with the time they need to do something else. 

Madison completes much of her service as a member of STP or St. Joe’s Spare Time Parishioner group.  In collaboration with other parishioners, Madison completes hands-on work by fixing up parish structures, specifically the elementary school.  She also lends a helping hand at many pancake breakfasts throughout the year and the parish’s annual canned food drive.  Her servant leadership extends into the classroom where according to her Chemistry teacher, Mrs. Goldcamp, Madison “is always willing to help her classmates when they need it.”

Madison looks forward to this year’s spring musical where she will play the role of puppeteer in Little Shop of Horrors.  Theatre teacher and director, Ms. Stine, says “Madison was chosen for the role of a puppeteer because of her enthusiasm, excitement, and creative instincts. She’s already brought in great visual research for the construction of her puppet, and I have no doubt will be crafting a wonderful puppet.”  In addition to theatre, Madison is a member of French Club, the Archery Team and NDA’s Rox Program – a group whose mission is to empower young women.  

This Lenten season when we are challenged to fast, pray and give alms, Madison provides a strong example of how we can give of our time in support of others.  It is her kindness, selflessness and commitment to service that earns her the recognition of Student of the Month.  Way to go, Madison!