NDA Students Learn Dangers of Distracted Driving

Notre Dame Academy is hoping to show its students the harsh reality of texting and driving through simulation. On November 11, NDA will host the Distracted Driver Program. Thanks to the generous support of St. Elizabeth Hospital, Notre Dame Academy is bringing this subsidiary of the National Save a Life Tour to its school community. 

At the beginning of the day, NDA students will attend an assembly introducing them to the Distracted Driver Program. The session will include a video showing the dangerous consequences of distracted driving. Throughout the rest of the school day, juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to experience the hands on portion of the program as they take a seat at a simulated driving test to experience what can happen behind the wheel of a distracted driver. The interactive simulator will allow students to drive a simulated car while attempting to receive and send text messages. The purpose of the simulator is to safely demonstrate to the students how easy it is to become distracted and cross the center-line.

NDA parents are invited to attend a special presentation on the dangers of distracted driving that evening beginning at 6:00 p.m. In addition to the presentation, parents will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel and experience the same simulated driving test that students participated in earlier in the day. Parents can stop in up until 8:30 p.m. for the simulation experience.

“Texting and driving has become an increasingly large problem especially in regard to young drivers,” says NDA President Dr. Laura Koehl. “In bringing the Distracted Driver Program to our school community we hope to educate not only our students but also our parents, faculty and staff on the serious consequences of distracted driving.”