Sign up for Cast & Crew for Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery!

Auditions & Tech Interviews: Tues Aug 22- Thurs Aug 24 after school

Show Description: This classic Sherlock Holmes story of the Hound of the Baskervilles comes to life on stage with over 35 characters, including your favorites Sherlock Holmes and Watson! The detective duo takes on the case of murder by ghost hound. The death leaves a large estate and inheritance to a Texan man who hopes to avoid the family curse and the same fate as his predecessor. Will he survive? Will Holmes and Watson solve the case before it’s too late? Who will be the next victim of the Hound of the Baskervilles? Learn more about the play here.
Mandatory Dates:
  • Rehearsals as scheduled, Mon-Fri from 4-6:30pm starting Sept 5
  • Tech meetings Thursdays, shop hours Thursdays, Saturday build days as scheduled starting week of Sept 5
  • Q2Q Oct 9-Oct 13 from 3:15-6:30pm
  • Tech Week Sat Oct 14 from 12pm-6pm, Sun Oct 15 from 12pm-6pm, Mon Oct 16 2:15-8:30, Tues Oct 17 from 3:15-8:30pm, Wed Oct 18 from 2:15-8:30pm
  • Dress Rehearsal Thurs Oct 19 from 3:15pm-10pm, show at 7pm
  • Show 1 Fri Oct 20 from 3:15-10pm, show at 7pm
  • Show 2 Sat Oct 21 from 5:00-10pm, show at 7pm
  • Show 3 Sun Oct 22 from 12pm-4pm followed by Strike, show at 2pm
  • Strike Sun Oct 22 from end of show till 8pm (or whenever we finish)
  • Sign up for an audition time slot and fill out this google form
  • Tuesday auditions will be at NDA Theatre, Wednesday auditions will be at CCH Auditorium.
  • Prepare one modern (no Shakespeare or Ancient Greek/Roman plays) MEMORIZED comedic or dramatic monologue that is 60-90sec long, would love to see an accent or dialect showcased in the monologue. Can be from a play, tv show, or film. 
  • We may ask you to perform a provided cold reading at auditions or call backs. 
  • If you need a monologue one can be provided for you on the day of auditions, but prepared and memorized auditioners will be given priority for lead roles. 
  • Call backs will be announced after all auditions have been completed and is only required if you are asked to attend. 
  • Please reach out to Miss Smith, Mrs. Ruth, or Cyrus for help finding or working on a monologue, we’re happy to help! 
Roles: This play was originally made for 5 actors to play all 35+ roles, and we will be casting at least 19 people (possibly more or less) to play all these roles. Some actors may portray multiple characters in this play, and some will play only 1 character. There are many accents in this play, so please be prepared to work on your character’s accent both in and outside of rehearsal if cast as one of those characters. Please see the attached doc with character descriptions, accents, and gender info for each character (for example- Sherlock & Watson do not have to be played as men). Copy of script available on request.
  • Sign up for an interview time slot (leadership roles only) and fill out this google form (all technicians). 
  • Cyrus will do brief interviews with you for all leadership roles for this show before determining who will receive which position. Interviews will take place at NDA.
  • Designers and Assistant Designers should prepare to discuss and share a show concept, style/mood board, transitions, special effects, etc during the interview. 
  • General crew does not need to interview or prep anything, just fill out the google form and we’ll see you for the first tech day. 
Special Note to Designers: this show will have a lot of moving pieces for scenery, props, costumes, and hair/make up. The set should have (like Clue, if you saw it) many pieces rolling on and off the stage with the rapidly changing locations. There can be one main stationary set piece upstage. Actors will have multiple roles and different costume changes including possible hair/makeup changes. Sound and lights will be crucial to set each scene as well due to the many varied locations in this play. Copy of script available on request.
Audition Time Slots
Audition Form
Technical Designer/Crew Form
Technical Position Interview Time Slots
Please feel free to reach out to Miss Smith, Mrs. Ruth, or Cyrus with any questions!

You can find more information HERE:  Baskerville Character List