Technology Awareness Month and Tech Tuesdays

School principals across the Diocese of Covington have come together to raise awareness about the modern day technologies that are impacting many students. Throughout the month of March, NDA will be inviting our parents to learn more about the technology being used daily by many students. This will come in the form of an email … Read more

Club helps NDA celebrate diversity

By Jayden Otto ’22/NDA Publications

“Wherever you go, it is very important to promote equality and celebrate diversity. Without it, the world would be bland,” says NDA Pandaversity co-president Sydney Allen says.

As Black History Month draws toward a close, a culture to create and embrace diversity is being established within the Notre Dame Academy community through the Pandaversity Club. Student leaders Lizzie Chun, Megan Chun, Kendall Hemsath, and Allen have worked to spark change and awareness within their community by educating their fellow classmates all month.

Among the club’s activities this month: attending a subsidiary group performance by the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra, trying foods from different cultures,  visiting the National Underground Railroad Center Freedom Center in Cincinnati, and attending mass in a predominantly African-American community.

Megan Chun, club co president, says, “Pandaversity isn’t just about spreading awareness about the multitude of cultures that surround us; it’s about celebrating them. Whether you know it or not, culture affects everyone.

“I’m blessed that I have the ability to educate myself and others about culture, especially during Black History Month.”