New Language Honor Society Inductees

Congratulations to our newest inductees for our language honor societies! This past week students who have maintained high achievement for three semesters in language studies were inducted into their respective honor societies. The students pledged that they would continue their language and cultural studies and received their certificates. Senior Paige Donnelly shared her experiences studying language for four years here, in addition to her plans for the future and the benefits that she sees of continuing language studies and practice. Thank you, Paige, and congratulations to our new inductees!

Société Honoraire de Français Inductees:
Zoe Rassati
Sophia Anderson
Camryn Miller
Alex Gardner
Emma Paley
Bella Kampinga
Tessa Schulte
Klaire Eckhardt
Nicolette Cottingham
Claire Coppage
Allison Laws
Emma Krallman

Latin Honor Society Inductees:
Anna Cruse
Abby Hardin
Katrina Hillebrand
Allie Mosser
Bailie New
Abby Otto
Brook Rump
Ava Summe
Ava Voelker
Lea Youtsey

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Inductees:
Katie Thomas
Gaby Epplen
Mia Kent
Taelyn Ackley
Jaden Wagner
Ava Jacobs
Aislin Ross
Sophia Santos
Addyson Osborne
Grace Nullmeier
Hannah Holocher
Marlee Reynolds
Caroline Harper
Lucy Bailey
Kate Gallenstein
Lexi Mauller
Sam Spellman
Alli Magary
Isabelle Bailey
Jacquelyn Brueggermann
Kendall Hemsath
Paige Summe
Clara Heberling
Eva Dozier
Hannah Renaker
Elissa Romer
Clare Shay