NHS Works to End Period Poverty

This year the NDA chapter of the NHS chose to focus its service on the issue of period poverty. Period poverty stretches beyond the lack of physical menstrual products and ultimately takes a toll on a woman’s work, education, health, and overall well being. At the center of this global issue is the stigma surrounding periods, which leads the issue to be swept under the rug while young girls and women across the globe continue to menstruate without the necessary products or support. 

To help combat this issue, the NHS has been working with a local non-profit organization, Girls Health, Period. Girls Health, Period has a goal of ending period poverty and girls’ absenteeism from school as a result. According to the Girls Health, Period website, over 35% of girls miss school due to their menstrual cycle.  Girls Health, Period donates menstrual products, underwear, and sports bras directly to girls from elementary school to college, as well as supplying schools, group homes, recreational centers, and libraries with these products. The ultimate goal of the organization is to create safe places for girls to talk to adults about their menstrual cycle, because the first step to breaking the stigma is to start talking about periods, instead of shying away from the issue. 

Brittani Gray, the founder of Girls Health, Period spoke at the January NHS meeting and after, members of the NHS felt passionately about the goal that Girls Health, Period has to end period poverty. Members of NDA’s chapter of the NHS worked together to raise a total of $1,627.22 and 91 boxes of period products that will be donated directly to Girls Health, Period. This money was brought in through a bake sale during Catholic Schools Week, and a dress down day on March 23 where menstrual products were collected as well. NHS is proud to be able to support the women within the community and grateful to have had the opportunity to support such an empowering and meaningful organization as Girls Health, Period.


Pictured Above:

NHS Executive Team Presents Brittani Gray, Founder & CEO of Girls Health, Period with the NHS’s donation. 

From L to R: Seniors Ella Timmerding, Anna Harrity, Brittani Gray, Founder & CEO of Girls Health, Period, Seniors Martine Hue and Abby Breeze