Aqua Pandas Head to State

NDA Swimming & Diving has entered the final week of the season. The team swam well at Freshman Regionals and swam and dove well at the Region 7 Championships. Congratulations to the following girls who will be participating in the 2022 KHSAA State Swimming and Diving Championships!

• Sophie Anderson – 100 backstroke & relay(s)

• Andi Carothers – relay(s)

• Sydney Dierig – 1-meter diving

• Paige Donnelly – relay(s)

• Sadie Hartig – 200 freestyle, 500 freestyle, and relay(s)

• Payton Hatfield – relays(s)

• Brooke Hollenkamp – 1-meter diving

• Lainy Kruger – 200 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, and relay(s)

• Sammie Poulos – relay(s)

• Riley Quinn – 200 individual medley, 100 freestyle, and relay(s)

• Elizabeth Smith – relay(s)

Freshman Regionals… On Saturday 1/29, six freshmen competed in the Freshman Regionals at Keating Natatorium (St. Xavier HS). The team finished 5th out of the 13 teams competing. All six swimmers finished in the Top 16 for both of their events: Andi Carothers (5th in 500 freestyle and 100 breaststroke), Annie Dierker (13th in 50 freestyle and 15th in 100 freestyle), Sadie Hartig (1st in 200 individual medley and 100 freestyle), Payton Hatfield (8th in 200 freestyle and 9th in 100 backstroke), Grace Summe (15th in 200 freestyle and 12th in 100 backstroke), and Ali Wells (13th in 200 freestyle and 8th in 100 butterfly. All three relays finished in the Top 8: Hatfield, Hartig, Wells, and Dierker (4th in 200 medley relay); Summe, Dierker, Wells, and Carothers (4th in 200 freestyle relay); and Hatfield, Summe, Carothers, and Hartig (6th in 400 freestyle relay).

Region 7 Championships… The weather postponed swimming by a day and diving by nearly a week. Ultimately, the swim team competed on Saturday 2/5 (prelims) and Sunday 2/6 (finals) at Silverlake and the dive team competed on Wednesday 2/9 at Falling Springs Center in Versailles. The team finished 3rd out of the 16 teams competing. Top 16 finishers were Sophie Anderson (9th in 500 freestyle and 4th in 100 backstroke), Andi Carothers (14th in 100 freestyle and 13th in 100 breaststroke), Sydney Dierig (10th in 1-meter diving), Paige Donnelly (12th in 50 freestyle and 9th in 100 backstroke), Sadie Hartig (3rd in 200 freestyle and 1st in 500 freestyle), Brooke Hollenkamp (11th in 1-meter diving), Lainy Kruger (1st in 200 freestyle and 100 breaststroke), Sammie Poulos (12th in 200 individual medley and 16th in 100 butterfly), Riley Quinn (2nd in 200 individual medley and 3rd in 100 freestyle), and Elizabeth Smith (16th in 100 backstroke). All three relays finished in the Top 8: Anderson, Kruger, Quinn, and Donnelly (3rd in 200 medley relay); Donnelly, Payton Hatfield, Smith, and Hartig (4th in 200 freestyle relay); and Quinn, Smith, Hartig, and Kruger (2nd in 400 freestyle relay). Congratulations to Lainy Kruger who broke the Regional record in the 200 freestyle (1:47.84) and was voted Outstanding Female Swimmer of the meet.