NDA Students Chosen for St. Elizabeth’s M.O.O.N. Program

Congratulations to Charlotte Sprecher, Maddie Payne, Megan Chun and Natalie Bessler on being chosen to participate in St. Elizabeth’s MOON program for tri-state high school students. This year there were about 140 initial applicants – 40 of whom were selected for interviews and 20 of whom were selected for this year’s class. It is quite an honor that 20% of the selected students are from NDA and a wonderful example of how our faculty and staff prepare our students for success in the classroom and growth opportunities outside the classroom. 

In Charlotte Sprecher’s case, it is also a great example of how well NDA’s Alumnae Mentoring Program is working! Charlotte was paired with an NDA alumna who is an ER physician. This alumna was able to give Charlotte a great deal of valuable insight into the medical field. Charlotte’s relationship with her NDA alumnae menor gave her the confidence to apply to and be chosen for the the M.O.O.N. program.