It’s Time to Can the Cru!

Let’s go Pandas! It’s time to can the Cru (again)! Starting Monday, November 4, NDA students will be collecting canned foods to donate to St. Vincent De Paul. This will be a three week friendly food drive competition against St. Henry and we’re hoping to repeat as the winners! In addition to this, we will be having an in-school competition with every grade for themselves. These competitions will last for one week each (so there will be three winners) and the winning grade can earn a prize:

        Week 1- Pizza
        Week 2- Donuts
        Week 3- Sundae Bar

If your grade sweeps, you could earn all three! If NDA wins, the losing school will cheer for the winning school as they come into school one morning.

You can bring in cans or non perishable food items and turn them into your grade bin, which will all be labeled and in the foyer as you enter school. You can also turn in money to your homeroom rep to buy cans for your grade. We are involving alumnae so they can turn in cans for you!