Celebrating SND Foundation Day!

On October 1 at NDA, we celebrated Foundation Day for the Sisters of Notre Dame. Each year, this is a special day for the Sisters of Notre Dame and Notre Dame Academy commemorating the day our founders, Hilligonde Wolbring and Elisabeth Kuhling. Hilligonde Wolbring became Sr. Maria Aloysia and Elisabeth Kuhling became Sr. Maria Ignatia and they began the Sisters of Notre Dame order in Coesfeld, Germany on October 1, 1850. These young women were dedicated to providing an education to the many young girls of their region with little to no access to an education.

This year at NDA, we celebrated SND Foundation Day with a prayer service remembering the courage, faith and commitment of the founders of the Sisters of Notre Dame and giving thanks that they began a tradition of excellence in education and service to others. It was a nice way to remind our students, faculty and staff of how the founders of the Sisters of Notre Dame have taught us the significance of Cultivating Hope and Happiness, Strengthened by God’s Love.

Also in remembrance of SND Founders day, Dr. Laura Koehl, Mr. Jack VonHandorf and Sr. Ruth Lubbers, SND passed out ice cream sandwiches to the students, faculty and staff at NDA.