NDA Faculty and Staff Mark Closing of Current Chapel

The excitement of the Notre Dame Academy community in anticipation of the upcoming Excellence Without Boundaries campaign renovations is palpable. There are however, bittersweet moments along the way as the community says goodbye to some treasured spaces. This morning was one of those times. 

After wishing students a safe and blessed summer, faculty and staff gathered in the chapel at NDA one last time before the beloved space is closed for reconstruction. Although the community is enthusiastic about the expansion and renovation of the chapel, recollections of the many blessings and experiences they have shared in this sacred space with each other and with those who are no longer with them, brought tears to the eyes of many. 

NDA President Dr. Laura Koehl told the faculty and staff, “As a Catholic school sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, this chapel is the heart of our school.” She continued by saying, “This chapel reminds us why we are here as educators, trying to help ourselves and our students center our lives in Christ’s mission.”

The teachers and staff members prayed together and shared fond memories of the fifty-four year old chapel. Sr. Mary Ethel Parrott, SND, Provincial of the Sisters of Notre Dame for the Covington, Kentucky province, ended the prayer service with this closing prayer:

As we prepare to depart this chapel:

We thank you, our good God, for this lectern where the Word has been proclaimed and interpreted, and where the preached word has challenged us.

We thank you for this altar table, where we have shared in the banquet celebrating your reign and where we have formed bonds with one another as we shared the bread of life. 

We thank you for these pews and chairs, where you have gathered us as your people called to work together to further your reign of justice and truth. 

For all these and more, we give our most sincere thanks and ask your blessing as we go forth. We ask you this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.