Uganda Pandas Make A Difference

NDA’s Uganda Pandas raised $4,120.00 at their first 5K Walk/Run and will make a tremendous difference in the lives of several children from Northern Uganda with the proceeds.

Congratulations to these top 10 finishers:
?1. Jerry Bricking
2. Jack Dunham
3. Owen Piatt
4. Jeff Eilers
5. Kerrie Eilers
6. Robby Case
 7. Kyle Kosco
8. Chris Fagin
9. Jared Becraft
10. Natalie Gerdes

The biggest winners after Sunday’s race are the 11 young people from Uganda who are sponsored by NDA’s Uganda Pandas group. Proceeds raised at the 5K will help pay for their healthcare and educational costs.

A huge thank you to all members of the Uganda Pandas group especially Executive Council members Claire Dunlevy, Arden Cleves, Francie Case, Katie Stratman, Shannon Saelinger and Christa Saelinger for hosting such a great event. 

In addition, the following sponsors contributed greatly to the 5K’s success: Fort Wright Skyline Chili, RoadID, Trophy Awards, Republic Bank, Squire Hill Prop- erties, The Dunlevy Family, The Cleves Family, LeRoy Johnson Trucking, The Schuh Family, Building Crafts, Inc., Fort Mitchell Veteri- nary Clinic, The Shumacher Family, Walt Dunlevy and Tri-State Running.