NDA Honors Mary at May Crowning

On Friday, May 1, the NDA community gathered as a school community to honor Mary by crowning her their Queen. As is the NDA tradition, the honor of Crowning May goes to a senior.  All seniors are invited to submit a reflection about Mary and how they have viewed her as a role model.  This year the honor of crowning Mary went to Shannon Wilson with the honor or carrying Mary’s crown in procession going to Brittney White.  

Samantha Darpel, Rosemary Plunkett, Abigail Kennedy and Hailee Scheper made up the honor guard.  All 6 of these young ladies showed great devotion and appreciation for our Blessed Mother in their reflections. You can read Brittney White’s reflection below.

At fourteen years old, Mary, the Mother of God, was able to make a life altering decision which saved the world. How amazing! I can tell you with confidence that many girls who attend Notre Dame, including myself, desire to change the world in some way, whether it be through politics, research, or religion. Personally I desire to change the world with my religion, to try and make the world as God intended it to be when He first instructed Adam and Eve. I want to inspire people to come to know God in their lives, just as Mary did when she brought the Son of God into the world, She knew nothing about raising a child, she didn’t know why God was calling on her for this task, but she did it and had so much faith in His plan, “Behold, I am the handmade of The Lord, be it done unto me according to thy word.” I can remember very few of the serious decisions that I had to make as a fourteen year old, yet nothing could’ve ever compared to the gravity of Mary’s yes to God. Such a young girl with a great deal of faith! She knew that God had a plan for her and she entrusted her well being to Him without a second thought. That is what I desire, that trust, love, the committment to God. I want to be so faith filled and trusting in God that when I know He’s calling to me I’ll go and do for Him whatever He wants. This school dedicated to Mary has made me realize the importance of Mary’s yes, and I can only hope to be so willing like she was. Why is it that we are so afraid of how God wants to use us in this world? Do we fear that the road we’ll take is one we won’t like? Yet He has provided for all those that He has called to do His will and He will not cease to guide us through this life

Mary is a beautiful role model for all women. She is graceful, strong, courageous, faith filled, everything a woman should strive to be. As young girls it is important for us to have a role model so rooted in faith and goodness, with the world telling us today we must be aggressive and dominant, it’s hard for us to be tender with those outside of our little Catholic bubble. The beauty of who women were meant to be is found through Mary, for she is the “New Eve”, she is the woman who has set the standard for other women, and I want to reach that standard. I strive to gain the beauty that Mary holds, her grace is so captivating, and her role as a mother so inspiring. Mary is the mold of the virtuous woman, and while I am flawed, nothing could be more humbling and honorable than being a part of the crowning of Mary. She is my spiritual mother, everything I want to be, and everything I would want my daughter to be should I have one in the future. Mary helps me to see the role I play as a woman of faith, someone who isn’t afraid to trust in God or afraid to allow God into their daily lives.