NDA Senior Reflection Series – Week 6

NDA Senior Reflection Series

Week 6 – Cassidy Ryan ’15

     Over the course of my four years at Notre Dame Academy, I have witnessed firsthand the amazing changes in technology and digital learning. Mrs. Mullee and the Administration implemented the 1:1 iPad Initiative at the start of my sophomore year, so I experienced the shift from using binders, paper, and pencil to notability and an unlimited multitude of Apps. It was a change for everyone, and like anything, people complained about certain aspects. With time, the iPad quickly developed into an amazing tool for our education. Students would learn new things about the device both in and out of the classroom, and teachers would take risks trying new ways to teach. Mrs. Goldcamp and Mr. Gray were two of the teachers that first worked to teach in a flipped classroom. They used Camtasia to make videos of material that students could watch for homework as a means of keeping up with the schedule and curriculum guide. Señora Bill used apps my Sophomore year like Toontastic so that students could make interesting cartoons in Spanish as a fun activity that strengthened and enriched their speaking abilities. 

     As a member of the SWAT team, I have been able to watch the pilot program that took place during my Freshman year truly develop into a fully functioning system of education. 1:1 learning has opened so many doors to experiencing new things and provoking new ideas by encouraging students to think outside of the box. When students have a problem, Mrs. Mullee does not just fix it and send them on their way. Students learn to diagnose their problem, learn from a mistake, and receive the help that they need in a supportive environment at our Help Desk led by Mrs. Mullee. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn in an advanced school that is fully equipped with 21st century digital learning, and I am eager to utilize and share all that I have learned in my college experience this fall.