NDA Celebrates National Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week at NDA: October 27-31
Our community will unite to take a visible stand against drug abuse.
The 2014 Theme is: Love Yourself – Be Drug Free

This week Notre Dame Academy joins with schools around our nation celebrating National Red Ribbon Week and advocating for a drug free lifestyle.  The theme this year is “Love yourself and be drug free” – underscoring the idea of making healthy and wise choices.  As a Catholic school we recognize that we are each made in the image of God and that calls us to love and respect the person God made each us to be – living drug free. The Drug Free Club has planned many awareness activities including their Membership Drive. All students are encouraged to join our Drug Free Club, it is a great way for peers to support one another in making the right choices.

Parents, did you know:
1. Children of parents who talk to teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don’t?
2. Only 25% of teens report having these conversations with their parents.
3. 70% of children who abuse prescription drugs get them from family or friends?

What can you do?
• Educate yourself and your child about the most commonly abused drugs.
• Talk to your children about the dangers of drug use and drug abuse; once is not enough.
• Set clear boundaries and rules, and monitor behavior.
• Secure your prescription medications in places your child cannot access
• Take inventory of the name and amount of medications you currently have and check regularly to see that nothing is missing.
• Properly dispose of old and unused medications. For guidelines visit www.lockyourmeds.org.
• Work with the parents of your children’s friends to set common boundaries and monitor behavior so that rules are respected and enforced.
• Set a good example for your family and friends. Your children ARE watching!