NDA Celebrates the Sisters of Notre Dame Foundation Day

Sharing a sandwich, changing a life!

Hilligonde Wolbring shared her sandwich with a student. God worked through her to help the poor and called her to begin the Sisters of Notre Dame.

She shared her dream with Elisabeth Kuhling. Togheter they spread God’s goodness and provident care around the world.

Notre Dame Academy congratulates our sponsor, the Sisters of Notre Dame, on the 164th anniversary of the founding of the religious community: the Sisters of Notre Dame of Coesfeld, Germany. 

Here’s how the story goes…

In the fall of the year 1850, on October 1, two young teachers, Hilligonde Wolbring and Elisabeth Kuhling, began their religious life as Sisters of Notre Dame when they became novices, new, young sisters.  Hilligonde Wolbring became Sister Maria Aloysia and Elisabeth Kuhling became Sister Maria Ignatia.  Because they began the Sisters of Notre Dame of Coesfeld, this red letter day, October 1, is marked on our calendars as the Sisters of Notre Dame Foundation Day.  So, 163 years ago the “seed” of the congregation was planted in the hearts of these two young, caring women! 

We live in a different world from these founding women.  However, what continues to give us a reason to celebrate is our connection to them through the Sisters of Notre Dame we know today.  We can carry on their spirit through our own dedication to education and by bringing God’s goodness and loving care to all we meet. 

Now this congregation has grown throughout the world to 2200 sisters in 18 countries on 5 continents, witnessing to God’s Goodness and Provident Care for all.  Let us pray for them, their work, and their continued success.

Good and Provident God, today as we celebrate the beginnings of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Coesfeld, Germany, we offer you praise and thanksgiving for all that the sisters have given over 163 years and continue to give.  May we who share in their charism of trusting in a good and provident God, show that trust in our daily lives, also.