Student of the Month – September

September’s Student of the Month admits Notre Dame Academy offers a challenging curriculum, but she appreciates the opportunity to attend a school of such caliber.  After reading I Am Malala, Junior Kelsey Sucher “realizes how lucky we are to be able to come to school everyday.”  Kelsey does not want to take this opportunity for granted and embraces learning opportunities every chance she gets.  

Since freshmen year, Kelsey has maintained First Honors and participated in a variety of extra-curricular activities including, Science Research, Academic Team, JETS, Physics Club and Drug Free Club.  Kelsey’s involvement allows her to develop her interests and explore her passions, and she encourages others to do the same.  “Things can get stressful, but as long as you’re doing what you love with people who love you, everything will turn out alright,” says Kelsey who clearly celebrates in the long-standing tradition of sisterhood at NDA.

Kelsey’s former Chemistry Honors teacher, Mrs. Goldcamp says, “Kelsey is a quiet student who is always willing to work with others to solve problems.”  It is in helping others learn where Kelsey finds joy, and each week, since the beginning of her sophomore year, she educates others at the Notre Dame Urban Education Center.  Her volunteer work has impacted her greatly as it allows her to teach and learn from young people who she describes as happy and full of life.  Kelsey receives recognition this month for her commitment to academic excellence and service to others.  Congratulations on your many accomplishments, Kelsey!