NDA Community Shares in Common Reader Experience


This summer everyone in the Notre Dame Academy community had a summer reading assignment: I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. The story is that of young Malala Yousfzai, who spoke out when the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan. Malala refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education. In retaliation, the Taliban sought to kill her. On October 9, 2012, a Taliban fighter boarded her school bus, asked, “Who is Malala?” and shot her in the head at point-blank range. Few expected her to survive. Malala’s miraculous recovery has made her a global symbol of peaceful protest and, at the age of sixteen, the youngest nominee ever for the Nobel Peace Prize.

While this is a required reading assignment for NDA students, faculty and staff, everyone in the NDA community is invited to share in this common reader experience, including parents. A committee of faculty, staff and students are planning many events and discussions for the fall to illuminate concepts in the book.

“This common reader initiative fully supports NDA’s educational mission and vision as a school sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, especially in exploring the story of a young women’s commitment to getting an education,” said NDA President Dr. Laura Koehl. “This shared experience will encourage global awareness and critical thinking at NDA. It provides a real life example of a young women making a difference in our world.”