S.W.A.T. at KySTE

On March 6, NDA’s SWAT team (Students Working to Advance Technology) spoke to a room of tech-educators at the Kentucky Society for Technology in Education conference in Louisville.  Katie Kloska and Isabella Hansen both shared their short films on the impact of technology on today’s students, featuring both their creativity and the capabilities of Notre Dame’s new Media Production Lab.  Mia Shelton gave her presentation “iCloud the Virtual Locker,” which highlighted the importance of cloud storage in a one-to-one computing school.  Hannah Hatch used the experience of helping to create a tech team with Ms. Mullee to show technology educators in attendance how to achieve similar results at their school.  Cassidy Ryan and Kelsey Michael presented on how the SWAT team facilitated the repurposing of older ipads for our sister school in Uganda and for our retired sisters.  Savannah Tucker presented on overcoming challenges in the one-to-one classroom, including examples of productive workflow, classroom management, and student accountability.  After the presentations, the SWAT team answered questions from audience members who were interested in emulating Notre Dame Academy’s success in promoting the use of technology for the modern learner.