Congratulations to NDA Scholastic Writing Award Recipients

Mark Twain said that the difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.  That idea is not lost on the NDA authors whose pieces won 26 Gold Keys, 32 Silver Keys and 51 Honorable Mentions in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition.  Szofia Komaromy-Hiller earned two Gold Keys for her two portfolio entries and Abigail Martin won a Gold Key for her portfolio as well; both are recipients of the prestigious American Voices Award.  Additional portfolio awards include Honorable Mention for Stephanie Hacker and Caroline Miller.  The list that follows recognizes other individual achievements.

Persuasive Writing
Gold Key: Szofia Komaromy-Hiller, Abigail Martin, Hannah Good, Hannah Zieglmeyer, Marissa Picciuto,
Silver Key: Ellen Kendall, Lilly Morgan, Claire Suetholtz, Morgan Zumbiel , 
Mariah Bezold, Andrea Davis, Emily Walter
Honorable Mention: Haley Appleman, Julia Goins, Christa Saelinger

Personal Essay
Gold Key: Hannah Good, Claire Suetholtz
Silver Key: Lauren Hollman, Megan Hueker, Ellen Kendall, Madeline Weltzer, Hannah Ziegler
Honorable Mention: Alexa Schulte, Sandra Steiber, Rachel Birrer, Haley Appelman, Megan Saelinger, Mikayla Rankin

Silver Key: Sandra Steiber, Szofia Komaromy-Hiller
Honorable Mention: Alexa Schulte, Lily Thaman

Gold Key: Szofia Komaromy-Hiller
Silver Key: Caroline Miller, Rikki Buchberger.   
Honorable Mention: Anna Bradtmueller, Sandra Steiber, Jess Peck, Paxton Kirpes

Flash Fiction
Gold Key: Claire Bessler
Silver Key: Szofia Komaromy-Hiller
Honorable Mention: Cassidy Ryan

Science Fiction/Fantasy
Gold Key: Szofia Komaromy-Hiller
Silver Key: Claire Morgan
Honorable Mention: Abby Roebker

Short Story
Gold Key: Emma Jacobs, Abigail Martin, Maggie McLeod, Summer Scheben, Meleia Michels, Lauren Schmitt, Lauren Reinersman
Silver Key: Emily Bautista, Abby Marshall, Alexa Schulte, Morgan Zumbiel
Honorable Mention: Melanie Boehmer, Kylie Colvin, Ellen Combs, Ashley Gettelfinger, Ally Iglesisas, Erin Nurre, Alexa Shulte, Madeline Tierney, Brianna Vollman, Clara Wood, Andrea Davis

Gold Key: Abigail Martin, Abby Marshall, Sydney Stallman, Lauren Reinersman, Jessica Colvin
Silver Key: McKenzie Trentman, Bridget Stewart, Madeline Marita, Jessica Vogt, Mia Shelton, Hannah Ziegelmeyer, Julia Gerwe, Megan Saelinger, Mackenzie Sullivan
Honorable Mention: Emily Bautista, Emma Jacobs, Mary Hackman, Katie Klensch, Jacqueline Schuh, Brianna Vollman, Isabella Hansen, Erin Hunt, Sarah Penney, Josie Shriver, Carly Wolnitzek, Hannah Ziegelmeyer, Claire Cerimele, Haley Appelman, Mariah Bezold, Rikki Buchberger, Marissa Picciuto, Paige Monfort (2), Katie Stratman

Congratulations to English teachers Lynn Dickman, Linda Bricking, Emily Sampson, Amanda Staggs and David Jackson who supported these students in their drafting and revising of all of these award-winning works.