Félicitations to NDA French Students

Sixty-eight Notre Dame French students participated in the Grand Concours, the national French exam, on March 20.  This very difficult annual test, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, assesses the students’ knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and culture, as well as their listening and reading skills.  The top ten scores at each level in each state are recognized for outstanding performance on this test.  The top scores from each state are then considered for national recognition.

Congratulations to the following NDA students for their exceptional achievement in this competition:

  • Sullivan Blackburn French I 8th place   State level
  • Kelsey SucherFrench I7th place   State level 10th place  National level
  • Bridget NeltnerFrench I 4th place    State level7th place    National level

Congratulations also go to the following students will receive a Certificat de Réussite (honorable mention) for their excellent performance:

  • Andrea Davis, Julia Goins, Tara Rennekamp, Grace Gettelfinger, Erin Hunt, Claire Suetholz, Hannah Ziegelmeyer, Claire Bessler, Vanessa Cao, Rosemary Plunkett, and Hanna Sullivan