NDA Students Step Up to the Task Again

Recently, some of our Notre Dame Academy students came through in a very special way and made a difference in the lives others in our community. 

Hospice, of St. Elizabeth South was in need of assistance for their memorial service that they hold annually. During that memorial, they give to each family a clay dove to honor the memory of their loved one who died in the past year. This year they needed to wrap close to 900 doves for this memorial. 

Notre Dame Academy has partnered with Hospice in this activity for several years. Mrs. Julie Schuler emphatically states that the N.D.A. students who assist in this special activity are “pleasant, efficient, and all out wonderful!” She marvels, not only in how many students attend this activity (this year we had 23 girls), but that many are returnees and help out without even needing service hours. 

Notre Dame Academy Religion teacher, Jane Gorton,  commented on the students efforts by saying, “Not only is Hospice grateful for these students and their act of assistance and compassion, but we as administration and teachers want to thank them for upholding the N.D.A. motto of, ‘making a difference in the world’ and in putting others first before self.”