Picture day is scheduled for tomorrow. This is an out of uniform day for all students because it is picture day. Students are reminded of the dress code for school pictures which would include shirts with proper coverage on chest and shoulder area, appropriate writing if any and no tank tops. While purchasing pictures is not mandatory, everyone needs to have their picture taken to get a new school ID and have their picture in the NDA yearbook.

Seniors will not purchase photos, but you do need to take pictures as they follow your transcripts to colleges. Seniors can also be out of uniform.

Just a reminder that mass will be held in the chapel at 7:20 am tomorrow morning. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend. Please sit in one of the pews where a sticker dot is located. Masks are required.

Notre Dame Urban Education Center (NDUEC) is very much in need of student tutors from 3-5pm on Monday thru Thursdays. Mrs Price has sent out an email with the contact information for the center for anyone who is interested. They are short on volunteers this fall and your help would be greatly appreciated.