Welcome Back Pandas!

The bulletin for the first week can be found HERE. We will have an ADJ (adjusted) schedule on Tuesday due to our Opening Assembly. Take a peek at the schedule, so you know what to expect. A regular schedule is noted with R while our late start (usually Wednesday) schedule is a D schedule. All schedules are hyperlinked to your bulletin. Just click on the letter next to the day of the week. Some reminders for our first day back to school:

  • Review the Pandas Return to Campus Plan

  • Finalize your FinalForms account. Updates to FinalForms were made as recently as this past Tuesday, August 10; therefore, both it is possible you and a parent/guardian still need to verify/confirm all accounts.

  • Dress in your full uniform, and don’t forget your cloth mask. Lanyards are an expected part of the uniform and sophomores through seniors will receive these in homerooms on Tuesday.

  • Revisit your class schedule as a room assignment or update may have occurred within the last day or two. You will need the most accurate information for your first day. You may see the following room numbers on your schedules, but I have included the room name which may be more familiar with you: 113 (CLC), 118 (Cafeteria), 145 (Chapel), 164 (Fitness Room), 170 (Alumnae Hall), 171 (Theatre), G03 (Choral Room in basement), G12 (Band Room in basement).

When you arrive to campus, you will:

  • Park in any parking spot if you drive; purchased passes will be handed out during homeroom.
  • Enter through the main entrance of the school building.
  • Begin moving to classes no earlier than 7:45am. The CLC, cafeteria and auditorium will be open until this time.
  • Put on your mask before entering the building. Masks are not mandatory while outdoors on campus.