Don’t forget that our National English Honor Society is having a fall themed writing contest for all NDA students – Please submit your piece for a chance to win a prize. Entries due by 11/20 to the bin in the write place (Room 301)


Last night’s bowling match against Conner. Panda bowlers posted some personal best even though we didn’t get a win. Congratulations to Cami Norris bowling her personal best single game of 143 and 2 games series  of 243. Linda France bowled a single best of 123 . Other game scores , Camryn Peery 101 , Haley Pelstrings 112 and 113. The bowling team will bowl in their first tournament tomorrow at Florence bowl , the Ryle Raiders classic. Go Pandas!


“Congratulations to Faith Bent, Anna Farro, Jade Wachs, Morgan Russell, Defina Teller, and Hailey Cogswell for being selected to pick out a prize in the Quad for talking to our college reps! Stop by any time today to claim your prize.” 


Thank you all sooo much for all of your support throughout the can drive.  We are so proud of you all for working together to help those in need.  We will share the results of the family competition and the competition against St. Henry.  But for now we would like to award our final TWO raffle winners: 

The winners are Cami Norris and Tessa Schulte