For homeroom today, there was a bit of miscommunication regarding where students need to report – please listen carefully.

All students who attended the Green Dot Bystander training will need to report to the Choral Room before reporting to other spaces.

Freshmen and Juniors – report to homeroom

Sophomores – report to the Spanish Stairs for a presentation about class rings.

Seniors – report to the theatre for a Youscience followup


Green Dot will have an open meeting on Monday after school in Room 112. ALL are welcome to come and see what’s going on!


On Wednesday, Michael DeLeon will be here to speak to our students about drug abuse. 6:30pm Wednesday night he will speak to NDA/Cov. Cath parents at Covington Catholic, If they attend they will receieve a ticket for out of uniform for their daughter for the day back after Thanksgiving Break.

There is a Math club meeting after school today in Alumnae Hall.