Morning Arrivals

FR and SO: When arriving in the morning before 7:30, you are permitted in the cafe/audit until 7:40. The Spanish Stairs are still off limits before and after school.

After 7:30, Sophomores and Freshmen will need to go to the gym until 7:40. This helps us avoid overcrowding the spaces.

The CLC is open for quiet study beginning at 6:45 and 7:30 on Wednesdays. All students are welcome to go there before school.

The rainy weather and colder temperatures may require you to remain indoors for lunch. If so, keep up the great work keeping your physical distance in the gym. A good rule of thumb: each person should be sitting two arms’ length away from the next. If your arms touch your neighbor’s, you are too close to one another. Physical distance is especially important when eating/drinking with masks off.

The Athletic Department appreciates each of you, who eat in the gym, doing your part to keep the bleachers and gym floor clean from trash and food.

There are virtual college rep visits setup with University of Kentucky, Fordham University and Wittenberg University for tonight at 7:00 pm. You can find the visit links in the weekly Padlet that Mrs Grayson sent out.

Drug Free Club membership is only open for 10 days after today! Please get signed up as soon as possible! You can sign up online or you can complete a paper application!