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Summer Reading

2017-18 Social Studies Department Summer Reading List 

Students in Honors US History: You should be ready to discuss the book Rise to Rebellion by Jeff Shaara by September 18th.

2017-18 AP Summer Biology Assignment 

2017-18 Junior and Senior Summer Reading Assignment

2017-18 Freshman and Sophomore Summer Reading Assignment

Common Reader

As announced earlier this year, we are once again requiring a common reading assignment for the coming school year. The book we will read is The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande. Students are required to read this book prior to their return for the new school year in September. We will have activities and discussion groups as part of our Common Reader Day. The date for our Common Reader Day is yet to be determined however, students will receive supplemental reading materials for the book via email this summer. Please note: we will not be using the Young Readers Edition.