NDA Theatre Students Take a Trip to the Zoo

Theatre students attended a field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo last Friday to start a collegiate level acting and design project in their Intro Theatre class with Miss Smith and Mrs. Chandler. While at the zoo, each student had to observe an animal of their choice for at least 45 minutes and take notes on every movement and activity of the animal.

Following the field trip, in class students will explore not only the movements and behavior of the actual animals but also create a human character inspired by their animal and its characteristics. Students will create a name, personality and backstory for their character including designing and presenting a costume rendering and set design. Finally, students will have an improvisation performance in class where all of the animal inspired characters interact, play party games, and even share snacks that their character (or animal) would eat.

This is the 2nd annual trip theatre students have made to the zoo, and we’re excited to continue this as an NDA tradition!