NDA Class of 2021 Academic Signing

On Wednesday, May 13, 2021, Notre Dame Academy held an Academic Signing in honor of the Class of 2021 for their outstanding academic achievements. NDA’s Class of 2021 has earned over $18 million in scholarship offers. Each of the 54 seniors (42% of the class) signing at this year’s event is receiving at least half the cost of tuition through scholarships and grants at the institution she plans to attend. Congratulations Pandas!

Below is a list of the students honored at the Academic Signing:

Emma Summe
Evelyn Cook
Ceceilagh Pitstick
Haydon Ahlers
Claire Dunham
Kierstin Haas
Rachel Young
Stella Skinner
Mollie Tagher
Hope McNickle
Ella Padgett
Margaret Gartner
Catherine Branch
Elizabeth Farwick
Sydney McMain
Camille McMurtry
Annabelle Stansel
Carly Jones
Dani Shoemake
Alexis Good
Madison Matthews
Hannah Ransom
Abby Schaller
Annie Kleier
Gwyneth Thomas
Josie Lawrie
Terese Noll
Margaret (Maggie) Smith
Olivia Voelker
Lauren Carothers
Samantha Bailey
Kirsten Spillman
Ava Alexander
Samantha Arnold
Jenna Danneman
Claire Edgington
Lauren Janzaruk
Annie Judy
Pascalle LeRoy
Mary Ann Nerswick
Paige Neuhaus
Shelby Turney
Isabel Alcorn
Nicole Andrew
Amelia Coomes
Caroline Dunlevy
Riley Hemmer
Emma Meyer
Corinne Laws
Emelia Campbell
Clara Dusing
Brooke Klosterman
Megan Raab
Isabella Meyerratken