NDA Uniform Policy

All students at Notre Dame Academy are required to wear a school uniform, which emphasizes our traditional dress code. This code is intended to: encourage cleanliness, neatness and pride in one’s appearance; foster respect for the way in which one presents herself to others; create a semiformal atmosphere needed for a disciplined learning environment; provide a uniform manner of dressing which minimizes social differences that may exist among students. By choosing to be a student at Notre Dame Academy, this code becomes the student’s responsibility, and it is her responsibility to know the spirit of NDA’s dress code and to be in compliance with that dress code while on school property. The cleanliness, length and neatness of the uniform skirt and uniform top reflect this pride. Students should rarely be out of uniform during the school day. Any exception requires a note from the parents and a permit from the school office to be presented to each teacher. Below is an updated listing of the NDA Uniform Policy for the 2019-20 school year.

Notre Dame Academy has a school uniform that consists of:

  • a gray uniform skirt (of appropriate length) or uniform slacks (the skirt or pants must fit properly, be zipped and buttoned, hemmed appropriately and free of stains, rips, and/or holes).  Students are required to obtain a new skirt or pants if it no longer zips, has tears, holes, or stains.
  • a white or light blue banded Notre Dame Academy polo shirt 
  • solid white, gray, black or navy blue socks
  • appropriate shoes that have a back to them 
  • name tag/lanyard (will receive at Freshmen Orientation or on the first day of school)

Optional items that may be purchased and worn with the uniform include:

  • a navy blue Notre Dame Academy pullover sweater 
  • a navy blue Notre Dame Academy cardigan sweater 
  • a navy blue Notre Dame Academy sweatshirt
  • a navy blue Notre Dame Academy fleece
  • a navy blue blazer with NDA’s emblem for special occasions such as Mass, award ceremonies, etc.
  • gray, black, or navy blue leggings
  • black dress slacks for designated events

Students are expected to be in uniform throughout the school day and to wear the uniform skirt zipped and buttoned. It may not be rolled at the waist and may be no more than three inches above the knee. NDA encourages parents to check how the uniform fits at the beginning of each school year and to purchase a new one if necessary.

No colored undergarments or undergarments with visible writing that detracts from the uniform may be worn under the uniform blouse. If a student chooses to wear a T-shirt under the uniform shirt, it must be a plain white V-neck and may not be visible. No slacks may be worn under the uniform during the school day. Students may wear the uniform sweater or sweatshirt during the school day. No other sweaters or sweatshirts are acceptable.

Each Friday students are encouraged to wear NDA spirit wear with their gray skirt or slacks. A variety of NDA spirit wear items are available at the NDA Bambootique.

Schoolbelles is NDA’s official uniform provider. NDA’s number is S1935.