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NDA Surprises 90-Year-Old with Diploma

Although Margaret Ann Koeninger was offered a four-year scholarship to Notre Dame Academy in 1943, she was unable to take advantage of the opportunity to attend NDA or receive a high school diploma until now. On September 10, Notre Dame Academy President Dr. Laura Koehl and Principal Mr. Jack VonHandorf made a surprise presentation of an honorary NDA diploma to Margaret Ann (Koeninger) Zink-Fritsch at Rosedale Green Senior Care facility.

Upon gradating from St. Stephens Catholic Grade School in 1943, Margie was excited to be offered a four-year scholarship to Notre Dame Academy however, the family could not afford Margie's transportation. At the time, it would have cost a nickel to ride the crosstown bus from Newport to NDA but Margie's father was laid off from work and regrettably she was unable to attend NDA or receive a high school diploma. At age 15, Margie accepted a position at Wadsworth Electric in Covington as the secretary to the purchasing department president. Being the eldest of 8 children, she was also expected (and relied upon) to help out at home. Any wages earned from Wadsworth were welcomed by her parents. She worked there for 7 years.

Margie later married and became the mother of 12 children. After a lifetime of focusing on her family and dedicating herself to serving others in her community, Margie has lived with the disappointment of not earning and receiving a high school diploma. When the Sisters of Notre Dame and Notre Dame Academy heard of Margie's frustration, a resolution was created and approved to award Margie with an honorary diploma. 

"Like many NDA graduates, Margie has spent her life as a servant leader dedicating herself to family, church and community. Margie is a woman who has made an impactful difference in the world and we are proud to have her join our 10,000 plus alumnae around the world," said NDA President Dr. Laura Koehl.

If you would like to send Margie a congratulatory card you can send it to:

Margie Zink-Fritsch
c/o Rosedale Green
4250 Glenn Ave
Covington, KY 41015