NDA Class of 2017 Academic Signing

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, Notre Dame Academy held an Academic Signing in honor of the Class of 2017 for their outstanding academic achievements. NDA’s Class of 2017 has currently earned $13.9 million in scholarship offers. Each of the 53 seniors signing at today’s event is receiving at least half the cost of tuition through scholarships and grants at the institution she plans to attend. That is 34% of the Class of 2017. A short reception in cel- ebration of the students followed the signing event in Alumnae Hall.

Below is a list of the students honored at the Academic Signing:

Briana Baker 
Kennedy Baugh 
Claire Benson
Kimmy Birrer 
Fiona Blackburn
Teaghan Brauer
Abby Bricking
Michele Bricking
Carlie Brooks 
Emily Buten
Olivia Cooney 
Kendall Crawdord
Sophia Daniel 
Camryn Diebold 
Sarah Draud 
Emma Duerstock 
Jami Farwell 
Hope Feinauer 
Emma Finn 
Ashley Fischer 
Helena Frisch 
Samantha Glass
Abbie Guard 
Olivia Hollman 
Julia James 
Madison Jones 
Ellie Kathman 
Abby Kelly 
Olivia Kirst 
Cori Ladanyi 
Harper Lamb 
Claire Lonneman
Elizabeth Lonneman 
Keely Martin 
Julia Mathew
Catherine Meadows
Kylie Moellering
Paige Montfort
Claire Morgan
Audrey Nienaber
Jacqueline Noll
Lauren Reinersman
Emily Rice
Kathleen Rice
Dymond Robinson
Kathleen Schawe
Brooke Schulte
Kelsey Schwarber 
Abby Slusher 
Natalie Snyder 
Sidney Spivey Spring 
Elizabeth Vandergriff
Elizabeth Voet 
Meg Whelan