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Academic Counseling

Meet our Academic Counselors:


Mrs. Christine Monohan, M.Ed

Licensed Professional Counselor

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Academic Counselor
ACT Testing Coordinator
Student Support Services Coordinator
PSAT/PLAN Testing Coordinator
Mentor Center Coordinator
(859) 292-1833
Office: Counselors Quad


     Ms. Kelly Burgei, M.A.

     Licensed School Counselor

    Senior Academic Counselor
     College Counselor
     AP & Dual-Credit Coordinator
     KEES Contact
     (859) 292-1830

     Office: Counselors Quad

As Notre Dame’s Academic Counselors, we provide academic, emotional, physical, social and career support to all students. We collaborate with faculty and parents to address student needs, offer college and career assistance, and connect students and parents with resources.

Services Offered: 

  • Meet with parents/students to address academic concerns or academic/career goals
  • Assist students requiring classroom and testing accommodations
  • Make students aware of Career Development opportunities
  • Family Meetings with each senior family to discuss college/career planning
  • College Counseling and support through every phase of the college admissions process
  • Administration of Standardized Testing (PLAN, PSAT, ACT)
  • Student Records – Coordinate transcripts and standardized test scores

Additional Academic Information & Resources:


Credit Recovery Information

Summer Enrichment Opportunities (Summer Camps, Workshops, College Programs)

College Counseling Information (Grade Level Timelines for planning for College, ACT, Scholarships, Financial Aid)