Blue Ribbon


Notre Dame Academy is a 1:1 iPad school that is heavily invested in technology. Technology is a critical component to the educational experience at NDA. Our goal is to empower students, faculty and staff to fully utilize technology in order to fulfill visions and goals, support communication and processes, while staying safe and secure.   

There are four members of the Technology Team that work together to provide the best possible experience for the students. Our expertise ranges from network design to graphic design, and everything in between. Most of our offices are located in the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) which has become the technology hub of the school. 

NDA Technology Team: 

Niko Kitsinis
Director of Technology 

Mr. Kitsinis has over a decade of experience working as part of a school technology team. 

Meghan Dooling
Technology Support Specialist

Ms. Dooling serves as a Creative Technologies Teacher and leads the school in 3D and emerging technologies. 

Raymond Schlosser
Registrar, Data Systems Manager, 

Mr. Schlosser serves at NDA as a member of our faculty as well as our Audio Visual expert. 

Barb Benkert

In addition to serving as NDA's Librarian, Mrs. Benkert also serves as a Tech Support Specialist, Graphics Design Teacher and Photographer at NDA.