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PowerSchool Unified Classroom Account Creation:

For Parents:
The process for creating your account differs depending on whether you are new to the PowerSchool system at Notre Dame Academy or are updating an existing PowerSchool parent account. Please watch this video for instructions on how to create you account for either situation.
Parents will need a Student Access Code/ID and a Student Access Password as a key to get onto the Notre Dame Academy PowerSchool server in order to create a parent account. If you do not have the paper from the parent night meeting that provided this information for you, please see above for how to contact Mr. Raymond Schlosser to obtain those keys.

For Students:
Students need to duplicate their basic PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) account already in place to open their student Unified Classroom account. Please watch the the following video for instructions on how a student should update their account.
Caution: The second screen in the process of setting up an account for both parents or students appears to be a login screen where you can directly enter the account information provided to you. Do not do so when first creating your account. Instead, the instruction videos direct you to the bottom of that screen and the account creation link found there

Parent and Student PowerSchool Unified Classroom Help

PowerSchool provides parents and students with an excellent help page that will likely answer any questions you may have regarding PowerSchool Unified Classroom at You may also
direct any questions you may have regarding PowerSchool directly to  NDA's PowerSchool administrator, Raymond Schlosser, either by email at or by phone at 859-292-1846. 

PowerSchool Password or Username Recovery

Parents: Parents may use the recovery link found on the PowerSchool sign in page to recovery a password or username or click this direct link

Students: The recovery link on the PowerSchool sign in page is intended only for parent accounts and does not work for a student account. Students need to contact Raymond Schlosser directly at He will be happy to help students with login problems.

Login to PowerSchool Unified Classroom
After successfully creating the Unified Classroom Login, parents and students can use this link to access PowerSchool Unified Classroom.

PowerSchool Daily Bulletin Direct Link

PowerSchool Course Registration Information