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NDA Track Team Beautifies Blessed Mother's Garden

Members of the NDA Track and field team met on Sunday, May 15, with the purpose of making the island in front of the school a beautiful place. Track team members with parents and coaches arrived at NDA, and the planting began at 1:00 p.m. Within a couple of hours, the garden island represented the love we have for the school and community dedicated to Mary. 

Athletes from the track team that participated in the planting of the garden were junior Kimmy Birrer, freshman Elly Piat, freshman Andrea Skubak, freshman Hanna Miller, freshman Jenna Cayze. Parents: Diana Miller and Laura Cayze together with NDA track coaches A.J. Skubak and Tom Milbery were also present.

Sister Paul Ann came out to enjoy the garden and the girls as always were so delighted. After the planting and scrubbing of the patio, the athletes enjoyed a pizza celebration in the NDA cafeteria. 

Picture #1 - Parent Laura Cayze prepares for the planting.
Picture #2 - It was a chilly day in Park Hills on May 15.
Picture #3 - Jenna in foreground and Kimmy in back enjoying the planting.
Picture #4 - Arranging the flowers took collaboration.
Picture #5 - Elly enjoying the planting; after the planting a distance run was in order to celebrate before the pizza.
Picture # 6 - The shallow soil behind Mary requires special plants, but athletes knew what to do.
Picture #7 - Hanna, Andrea, and Jenna working in area behind the statue.
Picture #8  - Jenna busy at work.
Picture # 9  - Pandas finished with garden work stand with the Blessed Mother
Picture #11 - Pandas in the completed garden
Picture #12 - Sister Paul Ann visits the garden.