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The alumnae section of the website is designed to keep Notre Dame Academy’s nearly 10,000 alumnae informed of special events, activities and programs, to provide resources that benefit alums, and above all else, to remain connected.

As alumnae, we truly define our alma mater and serve as its strongest legacy; we hold a vital part of the Notre Dame Academy history within our own experiences. This web site is frequently updated, so be sure to return often. Please don’t just drop by the site though, we’d love to have you back on the NDA Campus, whether it’s to attend mass, The Autumn Gala, a theatrical production, a sporting event or just to drop by the Office of Advancement to deliver an update in person; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much Notre Dame Academy still feels like home!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here or if you have any news to share, please contact Monica Ginney, Alumnae Relations Coordinator at or 859-292-1852.

Alma Mater Glory to Thee…
Forever N.D.A.!

NDA Alumnae have volunteered to be paired with a current 2020 NDA Senior to give them some encouragement, positivity, and words of wisdom. Our Class of 2020 is heading into the next chapter of their lives and having a fellow Panda to help during the different days ahead will be of value. Thank you to the following alumnae:

Recognizing our Alumnae COVID-19 Frontline Workers

Notre Dame Academy is very proud of all of our Covid-19 Alumnae serving on the front lines during this pandemic. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers for your safety and those of your family and co-workers.