Policies & Procedures

Parking Information​

  1. Students shall fill out an application form and return it to the school office with the $25.00 parking fee. A valid drivers license must also be shown (parking is not included in school fees). Download the application using the button above.
  2. The parking permit should hang from the rearview mirror with the number facing to the outside.
  3. Upon arriving at school the student should park properly, lock her car and come directly into the school building.
  4. Loss of a permit will result in the purchase of a new one at full price.
  5. Any student parking on the school lot without a valid permit in her car will receive a VIOLATION. (After 3 parking violations, you will lose all parking privileges for the school year)
  6. Temporary permits are available in the school office for $3.00 per day.
  7. Students must park in their assigned numbered space.
  8. Students may NOT park in the VISITOR SPACES, GOLD PAINTED EMERGENCY SPACES, NO PARKING SPACES OR EMERGENCY & FIRE LANES. Any student who parks in these areas will receive a VIOLATION. (After 3 parking violations, you will lose all parking privileges for the school year)
  9. Students may not return to their cars during the school day unless permission is granted from the school office.
  10. All drivers are responsible for their own insurance coverage. The school is not responsible for any theft, vandalism, accidents or injuries which may occur on the parking lot.
  11. Parking permits are NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  12. DRIVERS WHO ENTER OR LEAVE THE GROUNDS IN A RECKLESS OR IMPROPER MANNER, ie: cell phone usage while driving, not stopping at the stop sign, cutting off other drivers, etc OR DRIVERS WHO PARK ON THE NDA LOT WITHOUT A PERMIT WILL LOSE THEIR PARKING PRIVILEGES.
  13. Anyone who fails to cooperate with these regulations can expect to lose her parking privileges. All of our regulations are made to ensure the safety of our students.

PLEASE NOTE: Simply purchasing a permit does NOT EXEMPT anyone from having it displayed in their car while parked on school property.

If your car is in the shop or your brother/sister/parent takes it to school/work or the permit is removed from your car for any reason, or you simply forget your permit, you must notify the office.