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Dual-Credit & Online Classes

Online Coursework at Notre Dame: 

  • Online courses can be taken through NDA using APEX Learning.  
  • APEX coursework can be completed for Credit Recovery.  
  • Upon approval, students can also take online courses for credit through APEX. 
For more information about APEX Online Coursework, please contact Mrs. Monohan at or Ms. Burgei at

Dual-Credit Coursework at Notre Dame: 

NDA has select courses that can be taken for Dual-Credit with local colleges/universities.  All courses are taken at NDA and taught by NDA Faculty.  

Dual-Credit Courses Offered:

  • Thomas More College Dual-Credit at NDA
  • University of Cincinnati Dual-Credit at NDA 
    • Course: 
      • Dual-Credit Intro to Engineering (2 college credits)
  • NKU Dual-Credit at NDA
    • Course: 
      • Dual-Credit Advanced Theatre 

Kentucky Dual-Credit Scholarship Program: 

  • The KY Dual Credit Scholarship provides assistance for Kentucky high school and home school students who are taking dual credit classes at a participating Kentucky college or university. Eligible students may receive scholarships for up to two classes.
  • NDA Counselors will provide information about the Scholarship Program to Juniors & Seniors enrolled in Dual-Credit courses.

*For more information about Dual-Credit at NDA, please contact Ms. Burgei at

Local Opportunities for College Credit / Dual-Credit:

List of opportunities for High School students to earn College Credit / Dual-Credit from local colleges:

Updated: 09/2018